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Cruise Ship

Web-Based 3D interactive to inform purchasing decisions and increase bookings.

Cruise Ship booking app

With our founding agency COMO having 15+ years of experience in the property industry creating web based and app based 3D experiences to help prospective buyers make home purchasing decisions our next offering of this technology is to the hotel, travel and tourism sector. When making a large purchasing decision such as a holiday, we found in our research, the level of information available to customers to make informed decisions very much lacking.

Why can’t we be more informed when making larger purchasing decisions like booking a family holiday?

We have developed a system to allow holiday goers to view a resort or cruise ship in full real-time 3D to explore what is important to them when making a purchasing decision, to be well-informed and to ease the booking process. This could be from selecting an available room, having a virtual tour of that room and understanding its key selling points such as its view. All our systems can fully integrate with client back end booking systems.


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